Frequently asked questions at Bar Ice Samui


Do we need to book?

No, just come along, we are open 5.30pm to 2am everyday.

How Cold is it?

The temperature changes between -5 and -9 depending on the time of day and season, outside temperatures in Koh Samui are between 30-35 degrees in the day and 25-30 degrees at night, we are a welcome relief to the heat, especially in March-April.

What clothing is provided?

Included in your entry are coats, gloves and a hat, if you need to buy socks we sell them due to hygiene reasons.

What does it cost?

We have a number of drinks packages ranging from 1 drink to 4 drinks, it depends on what you want to drink and how much.

What drinks are included?

Any drink to the value of 220b, if you want something more then you just pay the difference.

How long can we stay inside for?

We do not limit you to how long you can stay inside, we also let you go back inside as many times as you like during your night & your holiday, just make sure you take a clear photo of yourself in the Ice Bar as proof of your visit.

Is it just an Ice Bar?

No, we have 3 bar areas. The Ice Bar, an air conditioned cocktail bar and a tropical garden area. We also have a great selection of things to dress up in, costumes, masks, wigs & hats to make the night even more fun. We call it AccessorICE.

Do you sell food?

Yes, we have a mainly Thai menu offering different food at reasonable prices.

Can we just come in for a drink?

Yes, if you don’t want to go into the ice bar you can relax and enjoy a drink with us, we have some amazing cocktails and a great selection of beers and spirits.

How do we get there?

We are just a 5 minute walk from Central Festival shopping centre on the lake, we also have a free bus that drives around Chaweng from 5pm to 12am. You can also get a Taxi, everyone knows where we are, and you should pay about 50b pp within Chaweng to get here.